December 21, 2018

Making 2019 The Year of Transformation

What do Smart Nations, a Sustainable Future, and a United Caribbean have in common? They all need data to drive them into becoming a reality.

Since the inception of Incus Services, we’ve truly recognised the power of data to transform everything when it’s properly collected, analysed and understood. It was our honour to host an event with speakers who share the same vision as we do – using data to create a better future.

Our speakers included Mr. Naveen Bhat, Senior Regional Director of CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd. who commenced the evening by sharing CrimsonLogic’s plans for developing Smart Nations, to benefit citizens in areas such as mobility, public safety, health and productivity. He noted that Singapore is currently the world leader in all these categories and is well on its way to becoming the first Smart Nation.

Mr. Kirk Henry, CEO of iGovtt also shared his vision for a Smart Trinidad using disruptive technologies such as analytics, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence. His presentation was followed by Mr. Joel “Monty” Pemberton, CEO of DeNovo Energy, Trinidad’s first local gas producer. He presented the company’s ongoing evolution for sustainability in the natural gas industry and how technology is enabling their mission.

Our feature speaker Mr. Maurice Barnes, CEO of eGov Jamaica Ltd, provided insights into the journey of Jamaica to becoming a digital society, a concept that is similar to a Smart Nation. Mr. Barnes explained that the foundation of this society is a digital government, a framework that enables open and user-driven governance. He shared the components of e-Jamaica which include four tiers:

  • An ICT Authority to support the vision through governance, funding and change management.
  • GovNet/Data Centre which is the physical IT infrastructure that e-Jamaica rests upon.
  • jm Portal for citizens to access information and services, as well as NIDs or National IDs that provide an authenticated method for citizens’ digital identities.
  • E-services such as e-taxes, e-trade, Online Company Registration, e-petition, e-voting and ID Verification Services.

Mr. Barnes was also proud to announce that Kingston was well on its way to becoming one of the first Smart Cities in the Caribbean.

Our final speaker, Director of Incus Services, Mr. Leslie Lee Fook, put forward a brief thought-provoking question to the attendees: “What is your number?” He expressed his vision for a united Caribbean community enabled by technology to withstand the forces of digital disruption. He intends on raising awareness and helping the Caribbean population of 43 million plus people (that’s his number) to recognise the opportunities for collaboration to foster a technology-driven region. Mr. Lee Fook urged everyone to find their niche in their respective industries to challenge the status quo and reach for operational excellence through data-driven decision-making and embracing disruptive technologies.

We are incredibly grateful to these speakers who all share the vision of a better, data-driven future, for participating in our event which would not have been successful without all of the amazing individuals who also took the time to attend.  Incus hopes that each attendee is now motivated to be an agent for digital transformation in their various industries for 2019.


Here’s to a Merry Christmas, a Revolutionary 2019!

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