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“With accelerated digitization, Dataliteracy for all will be imperative. Countries that lead will emerge as the giants of tomorrow. Data is the new AIR.”

Leslie Lee Fook – Director AI, Analytics and Automation

Incus Academy

The Incus Academy was born out of industry and was married to academia. You don’t have the time for long four year programmes and need to have practical and immediate skills to perform in todays market.

The advent of the 4th industrial revolution and the availability of more people centric platforms have created the space for the every day citizen to reskill quickly and be ready for the jobs of tomorrow.
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Introduction and Background

In this 4th industrial revolution, new skills are need to be relevant and remain competitive. The aim of this programme is equip our region’s workforce with the skills and experience needed to be successful in this “new normal” and become globally competitive.


The Data Analytics program is specifically designed and customized for non-technical business professionals who see the strategic value of data. They aspire to be data driven in their approach but end up spending countless hours crunching numbers in Excel and other traditional reporting tools. This two-day virtual workshop is also for managers who wait on monthly reports but need real-time information to make point in time decisions. Participants of this workshop session are able to obtain deep visibility and key insights to identify trends, patterns and abnormalities in their data quicker. Participants will be provided with hands-on exercises and the opportunity to develop and present highly impactful use cases that will have significant impact on the top and/or bottom line of their respective organizations. Participants are expected to attend all sessions and be intimately involved in the final use case assessment.

Target Audience

Anyone that’s using Data to make decisions in their daily jobs.
Individuals who are seeking continuous improvement to their data analytic, and data visualization skills.
Professionals who use dashboards to track progress and organizational goals.
Duplicate existing rows to add more.
Individuals with a desire to use data with confidence to communicate, present and tell stories.
Strategic Leaders seeking greater efficiency and profitability. 
Anyone with a basic knowledge of Excel and can drag, drop and double-click.

Key Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this workshop participants should be able to:
Cut the time spent generating reports by half
Use data to easily answer complex business questions
Professionals who use dashboards to track progress and organizational goals.
Visually analyse data for deeper insights and better communication
Work with many datasets irrespective of size and complexity.
Design and build highly insightful and impactful dashboard.
Develop a practical approach for the strategic adoption of analytics.


You will be required to have a Windows based laptop. Here are the minimum requirements


Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)

· Microsoft Server 2008 R2 or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)

Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor or newer (SSE2 or newer required)

2 GB memory

750 megabytes minimum free disk space


Internet Explorer 8 or newer

Working microphone and speakers (Headset if possible for noise cancellation)


Introduction and Background

One of the overall objectives of this program is to enhance the skills of the labour pool in the financial services sector with data analytics and data science skills. The aim is to facilitate the continuous flow of skilled employees for the benefit of local and international financial firms, seeking to establish operations in Trinidad and Tobago; shared service centres, business process outsourcing centres involving banking, financial services and insurance, finance and accounting outsourcing operations. It is also envisioned that it will increase the attractiveness of the finance and accounting labour pool to foreign investors, and diversify the economy through the creation of additional high-paying jobs in the Financial Services Sector and the generation of foreign exchange earnings.

Target Audience

To this end, the data science program is designed specifically for professionals and individuals from organizations in the financial sector with the relevant background, including educational qualifications and experience, in mathematics, statistics, programming, computer science, information science, actuarial science, data science or similar such qualifications. Experience in building predictive models, and exposure to Python, R or similar programming language would be an asset. To achieve the certification, candidates must attend at least 75% of the training session and must participate in the final proof of concept assessment.

The entire programme will be delivered and administered online using a combination of various learning management applications and enterprise communication platforms.

Expected Outcomes

● Enhance their knowledge and skill in analytics, data visualization and communicating with data.

● Improve their abilities to explore, clean, prepare, interpret and cross-validate data.

● Select appropriate models, manage projects and apply DataRobot in production.

● Prepare and explore data using Alteryx and integrate it using DataRobot.

● Perform advanced techniques using SQL Queries to import data from data sources and stores.

● Utilize advanced options (partitioning) and Advanced Functionality – Compliance documentation.

● Explore time series, problem identification and build and evaluate predictive models.

● Develop machine learning use cases and present proof of concept.

About Our Facilitators

Dr William Disch

Dr. William Disch is a DataRobot Educator and formerly Executive Director of Applied Analytics and Modeling and Chief Statistician for marketing and business.

Working across multiple B2B and B2C verticals, and using machine learning and several multivariate methodologies, he has driven client facing targeted marketing and proprietary analytics deliverables and designed and developed tools and products for high level and simple use of multi-source data (e.g., customer + consumer + 3rd party).

He has also consulted on analytics optimization and education, ran client analytics user optimization groups, and has authored several empirical articles, conference presentations, Webinars, and Blogs. Bill’s focus is on design, execution, and implementation of optimal analytics, and the goal of maximizing ROI. He earned his Ph.D. in experimental psychology and quantitative analytics from the University of Rhode Island, with a specialty mixed-methods (quantitative, qualitative, mixed). Bill has been a college professor of research methods and statistics and has been working in the marketing and business space for the last 15+ years.

Leslie Lee Fook

Leslie Lee Fook is the Director and co-founder of INCUS Services Limited, a leading analytics and information security Consulting Firm based in Trinidad and Tobago. His career spans over twenty years in the Information Technology field with experience in Telephony, Infrastructure and Business Intelligence. He has managed enterprise-sized IT projects in the UK and throughout the Caribbean. Leslie is passionate about data literacy and open data and believes that we will all someday become data citizens. His vision is to foster the development of a Caribbean Analytics community that’s highly sought after for its talent and expertise by delivering custom, high impact solutions that empower everyone with the ability to gain actionable insight from their data in a very fast and easy manner.

Rawati Heeraman

Rawati Heeraman

Rawati Heeraman is a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst with Incus Services for the past 4 years with responsibility for English Caribbean Sales of Tableau (a leading Data Visualisation tool). Rae has been in the ICT industry for over 15 years with a broad-spectrum experience spanning from System Analysis and Design, IT Management and Data Analytics which she is most passionate about)
Egbert Irving

Egbert Irving

Mr. Egbert Irving is a Training and Development Specialist with over 20 years’ experience in executive training, strategy development and execution with leading Caribbean corporations, organizations and government agencies. He has conducted numerous workshops and lectures on a range of management and leadership topics. His vision is to promote the development of human capital and organizational transformation through customized management interventions aimed to assist individuals and organizations to achieve their strategic intent.

His current role at Incus Services is to aid organizations to align their strategic objectives while transforming the culture to one of data analytics. He is a doctoral candidate in the DBA program at The Cave Hill School of Business – University of the West Indies and holds an MBA from the University of West Indies, Cave Hill. His research interests include corporate governance, and small and medium sized enterprises in developing economies.


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We are leading organisational transformation strategist and educators. We focus on enabling people with data, process automation, and cyber security skills that are required for the jobs of tomorrow. We offer our services to both large and medium size organisations and help them to solve their digital transformation challenges.
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