Analytics for All

Bridging the Digital Gap

AMCHAMTT, UWI-Roytec and the INCUS Academy are pleased to announce its Data Analytics training programme to upskill non-technical professionals and close the knowledge gaps needed to operate in this new normal. We hope to train 6,000 people over the next 12 months.

About the Programme

The Data Analytics program is specifically designed and customized for non-technical business professionals who see the strategic value of data. They aspire to be data driven in their approach but end up spending countless hours crunching numbers in Excel and other traditional reporting tools. This two-day virtual workshop is also for managers who wait on monthly reports but need real-time information to make point in time decisions.

 Participants of this workshop session have been able to obtain deep visibility and key insights to identify trends, patterns and abnormalities in their data quicker. Participants will be provided with hands-on exercises and the opportunity to develop and present highly impactful use cases that will have significant influence on the top and/or bottom line of their respective organizations.

We have also taken into consideration the major economic impact the pandemic has had on our country and the scale at which we need these skills. We have decided to facilitate this training at a highly reduced rate with an overall goal to positively impact as many individuals and businesses as possible.

Giving Back

Finally, we have seen many organizations that are operating with reduced numbers and employees are being forced to regularly work long hours because of limited resources. Conversely, we have seen many people being laid off, displaced and furloughed. They are eager to retool, gain experience and demonstrate value to secure new roles as they become available. With that in mind, we are also catering to those displaced due to Covid-19 and are motivated to become more competitive. For each paid participant of the programme, Incus will match a scholarship for someone affected by the pandemic. We hope to award at least 3,000 scholarships.

By participating you are also helping someone affected by the pandemic.

Learn to Earn

Post-workshop, the scholarship winners will be given the opportunity to further build experience by being paired with one of the participating companies for a two-week period.  The aim is to help them build experience while adding temporary relief for the organisation. 

Benefits to Organisations

  • Upskill their workforce
  • Drive organization and cultural transformations
  • High ROI – Typically >1013% on analytics
  • Measure operational activity to achieve KPIs
  • Access resources outside of their organization
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Benefits to Participants

  • Lean a new skill or enhance an existing one
  • Add more value and competence 
  • Build experience
  • Improve your chances of getting employment in emerging roles
  • Networking opportunities and network growth
  • Receive accredited certification

Programme Outline

Please find the data analytics outline here.


Public or Private Sector – TT$795 per attendee.

Lost your job\Furloughed because of COVID– TT$0

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