The ever-growing use of technology has brought about unprecedented threats with them. These threats can include loss of data and critical information getting into the hands of unauthorized individuals. Today’s society is very much dependent on the internet, and many people have become exposed to the risk of a breach.

We strive to protect our clients from unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction of information and data. Cyber security breaches and threats come in so many different ways. The most common threats many people face today are identity theft, software attack, intellectual property theft, sabotage and extortion of information.

  • Software attacks like ransomware, malware, viruses, worms, trojan horses are common software attacks that can affect you.
  • Identity theft is when a person tends to act like someone else to take advantage of their access to vital information or to obtain that person’s vital information.
  • Sabotage can cause the destruction of large and small companies by making the customers lose confidence in the organization.
  • Extortion of information or ransomware is where payment is needed for the return of information or data back to its owner.

A great deal of personal data about customers, employees, research, products and financial information is collected and stored in computers. These are also transmitted to other networks and thereby are prone to be breached. When confidential information reaches the hands of competitors, the organization and the people involved (for example the customers) are prone to suffer. The organization’s reputation will be damaged and ultimately suffer financial loss. The customer’s confidential information will reach the public and privacy will be lost.

All information and data are not equal. They all require a different level of protection from breaches. We can determine the value of information and the degree of protection it requires. We classify the information by first identifying the senior member as the owner of the information to be classified and then we develop a classification policy. We classify according to how valuable the information is to an organization or individual.

We offer effective solutions to security threat by implementing countermeasures to eliminate and block the threat. We ensure information and data confidentiality by ensuring information does not reach unauthorized individuals or organizations. Data integrity is also maintained by ensuring the data is not tampered with and assuring that it is accurate.

We show due care and due diligence in fulfilling our customers’ expectations. We show our due care by taking the steps of responsibility for the activities that take place in the organization and protecting the organization’s reputation, employees, and resources. Our due diligence is towards the organization by continuing to maintain and protect the organizations as their activities are ongoing.

We secure data which is of importance to our clients. We mitigate risks that can lead to financial loss and damaged reputation.

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