We offer systems and strategies, which enables every Organisation easy visibility into its critical operations, through real-time applications and analysis tools. This includes but are not limited to dashboards and visualizations. Through us, you will be able to look at the historical, current and predictive view of your business operations. Using business intelligence, we can also offer a wide range of business insights and decisions that are from an operational and strategic perspective.


Our systems are easy to use. This user friendliness enables rapid adoption, giving the average business user the ability to quickly access data, interpret and make decisions without requiring specialized IT intervention. Business intelligence allows you to report, analyze, mine data and manage business performance with added benefits.

Benefits such as:

  • Improved decision making – B.I. enables quick detailed understanding of various ‘information assets’ within an organization and how they interact with each other, enabling the user with quickly informed information.
    (assets such as; customer databases, supply chains data, personnel data, manufacturing, product data, sales and marketing activity)
  • Costs Cuts/ Work reduction – B.I. automates processes and eliminates the time-consuming wait for information.
  • Identifying new business opportunities – Business Intelligence helps to show the changing market trends and enables one to identify, develop and create new strategic business opportunities.

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Our Analytics Services

The following are some of the top-notch services you should expect from us:

  • Assessment – We offer risk and vulnerability assessment.
    We can identify, quantify and prioritize the level of risk and vulnerabilities in the organization
  • Roadmaps – We can provide a clear guideline for organizations to follow and be successful
  • Strategic planning – We help an organization realize its set goals. We can define how the goals will be reached using the resources allocated. It requires putting in place decisions allocating the resources to achieve the strategy or goal
  • Analytics and reporting – We can help you with the transformation of raw data into information to provide insights for better understanding and improved business performance.
  • Big Data Architecture and Integration – We can help with the processing and classification of data for storage and ensuring availability and security of the data.
  • Data Integration / Migration / Optimisation– We can assist you to seamlessly combine data from different sources into meaningful information thereby, providing users with a unified view of the data
  • Cloud Analytics – We can recommend and provide a set of technological and analytical tools that help clients and organizations to extract information from large data and present it in a categorized way and make it easily available in a web browser.
  • Marketing Analytics- We use this to measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize effectiveness and optimize profit
  • Competitive Intelligence – We can use this to gather and analyze products, customers and competitors to understand and learn the environment around the business to enable the business to be as competitive as possible.
  • Data Monetization –We can help you use this to exchange, sell or trade of data.
  • Dashboards – We can train you to build Data visualization tools which display the current status of metrics and key performance indicators for your organization
  • Mobile BI – With the use of applications optimized for mobile phones that enable the mobile workforce we can help you to gain business insight through information analysis
  • Predictive Analytics- We can help you to analyze current data to predict the unknown future
  • Machine Learning- – With the use of artificial intelligence that enables computers to learn without being explicitly programmed we can help you enable the development of computer programs that changes when exposed to new data
  • DW Appliances – We can help you with the use of a combination hardware and software products designed specifically for analytical processing
  • Master Data Management-We can help you to link all critical data to one file called a master file to provide a common point of reference.
  • Data Governance –With the use of a set of processes we can help you to control the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data in the organization
  • Prototyping –We can help you to create a sample or model for the purpose of testing a concept or process. This helps you to learn from it.
  • Onshore Development – This means we offer our development services to a client who is living in the same country as we. Our workers are in the same country as our clients.
  • Managed Services – The client is the owner of the organization being owned while the managed services are the duties and work on demand and billing is done on the work done only. With managed services, it is easier to stay up to date with technology, assess the necessary skills needed and address issues on cost, quality of service and risk.
  • Recruiting & Staffing – we select and appoint suitable candidates and show them their responsibilities in the organization

Organisations nowadays need modern ways to solve their problems. Our goal is to offer fast, simple and easily adopted modern approaches to solve today’s business problems. We save clients time and make long, cumbersome activities easy.