July 2, 2021

Meet Tableau's Newest and Only Female Partner in the Caribbean

"When you fall 9 times, get up 10 ".

This is a line we've probably heard myriad variations of from various sources. The philosophy of failing forward is one that Incus Services imbues and is embodied in our employees.

Incus' Rawati Heeraman, whom we fondly call Rae, is the region's newest Tableau Partner, and she also happens to be the only woman in the Caribbean to have attained this achievement.

In light of the news of this important accomplishment, we're discussing the importance of data visualization to gain business insights, how data can be used in the development of business intelligence, and how we can use the information to make better data-driven solutions.

Within that data journey, there is also an overarching narrative of not being defined by existing and ongoing failures.

We also hope to inspire girls and young women across the Caribbean to take up the mantle and join the data transformation movement.

Rawati Heeraman, Insights Analyst.

Women in Data Science

She has been working with Tableau for ten years now, and her favorite thing about it is that there are so many opportunities for people to see their data in a new way.

This is a service that Rae offers to our clients.

She assists them in implementing data visualization best practices using Tableau software to enable their data to speak the language of solutions to business leaders and their teams.

"I'm passionate about data, analytics, and data visualization"

she said when we spoke to her about her recent achievement and we are sure that her fervor was a key component in her journey to success.

Over her time within the industry, Rae has earned the title: "The Creator of Aha Moments" which encapsulates her dedication to helping executives, IT employees, and teams within organizations get the most out of the data that they already have.

She motivates and educates them on how to take their data and turn it into key insights which can positively inform day-to-day practices, improve business intelligence and stay ahead of the competition.

As the chapter head for Women in Data Trinidad, Rae leads within the industry by example and illustrates that data analytics isn't an industry for men only.

Through this organization, Rae works arduously to highlight that that there are many opportunities for women in data-driven sectors and showcases the work of women who are already using data insights to transform their professional lives and reap the rewards of success.

How Can Data Visualizations Improve Your Business Operations?

When we talked with Rae about her data journey and what keeps her passion for her job alive, we unearthed an even more important discourse, one that highlights the power and experience of developing strategic action through data to address some of your business's biggest challenges.

Rae conveyed how amazed many business leaders and their colleagues are when data visualizations provide insights that usually remained buried in reports done on a month-by-month basis, some of which can exceed one hundred pages.

A favorite part of the process of creating aha moments is that she bears witness to the epiphany that data analytics can be done without procuring a large repertoire of university certificates, diplomas, or even an additional degree once an organization has the right tools.

As the world continues to embrace a data-driven paradigm, it is always a new and fulfilling experience to interact with a company, group, or business and begin their data journey.

It is a priceless emotion seeing them transform their approach to analytics and visualization in order to make each department's personal data and the entire company's dataset sing solutions to them.

Data visualization can capture months of market research, project analysis, and customer data, and operational statistics in dashboards which helps to see the connectivity between all facets of business operations.

The time saved from scouring through endless sheets in search of insights creates an opportunity to strategize at a more comprehensive level.

Failing Forward

Oftentimes, we believe that failure is indicative of the need to stop the pursuit of the goals that we have set for ourselves.

In fact, failing can be an opportunity for growth.

It is our job to learn from the mistakes that we have made and reapply them in a different way until they lead us to success.

It is natural that we would feel dejected, inadequate, and not know what our next steps should be.

What is important is that we welcome these feelings and channel these emotions into carving a path forward and deciding what steps would help us to fulfill our goals.

Perhaps you want to become a data expert, increase sales over the next year or open the channels of communication between your business and its clientele.

Name your goals and continue to pursue them.

For Rae, this was not her first attempt at the Tableau Partnership proctored examination.

But when faced with failure, she refused to let her current circumstances define her capabilities. She reassessed, revisited, and continued to relentlessly pursue her goal.

From her diligence, there is an aspirational lesson that we hope all persons regardless of their industry, position, or current state of affairs can adopt.

When poised with failure, continue to move forward into the realm of your vision and goal fulfilment.

How Can I Start Having My Own Aha Moments?

If you are new to data or just new to visualization best practices, then a good place to start would be Incus' Data Analytics Workshop, where people, like Rae, who are passionate about data can help you to find the answers you need and master the skills you need to navigate the modern work environment.

What better place to increase your skillset than an accredited workshop facilitated by experienced practitioners of data analytics and data visualization and Tableau Partners who can share their in-depth knowledge and expertise with participants.

Aren't you ready to transform your company through data?

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