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We are B2B consultants focusing on business intelligence and cyber security serving both large and medium sized organizations by helping them solve their data challenges. With the current advancements in technology, it is imperative that all organizations have a data strategy. It is no longer business as usual and for many organizations. The need for data-driven decision making isn’t a question of strategic advantage but of survival.

You can’t manage complexity with complexity

In every organization, there is a great need to find easier and faster ways to manage their rapidly growing data and information needs. Since technology is complicated enough, we are available for you.

Our journey started off as customers. We understand you because we are you. We have sat in your chair and listened to vendors that just wanted to sell, sell, sell but after buying only to find out that the solution wasn’t the right fit. We always try to build on any investment that you’ve already made. Our business intelligence and cyber security solutions simplify your life and help you manage your time.


No matter where you are in your business intelligence journey, we can assist. If you are just starting off, we suggest data visualization to bring quick wins to the organization. We offer a set of strategies, data, and applications which are helpful in the analysis and presentation of business information. With our help, you will be able to look at the historical, current and predictive views of your business operations. Business intelligence allows you to report, analyze, mine data, and manage business performance. Handling large amounts of structured or unstructured data has never been easier. We make understanding large datasets easy and fast. This enables us to identify, develop and create new strategic business opportunities as well as prescriptive remedies.

We offer business intelligence solutions which help organizations to gain insight into market demands, new markets, and suitable products. We drive business value by applying business strategy and metrics to provide systems that create a hierarchy of performance. This helps to monitor performance in real time. We help our clients identify new business opportunities. With a good business strategy and through our invaluable business insights, we provide a competitive market advantage and predictability. We offer a broad spectrum of operational and strategic business insights used to drive the decision-making process. Operational decisions include the positioning of a product and it’s pricing. Strategic business decisions include the mission, vision, and goals at the widest level.


Today’s corporate posture can’t be “won’t be breached” it must be “how do we prepare for and mitigate a breach”. We strive to protect our clients from unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction of information and data. We provide efficient and effective solutions to threats and breaches in an organization by implementing countermeasures to eliminate and block threats. Confidentiality of data and information is always maintained to ensure information does not get into the hands of unauthorized personnel or rival organizations. Our utmost due care is to protect our clients from any risks or threats. We take responsibility for the activities that take place in the organization and protect the reputation of the organization, employees, and resources. Our due diligence is to continually maintain and protect the organization as the business activities are ongoing. We secure data which is of importance to our clients. We mitigate risks that can lead to financial lost and damaged reputation.

In a nut shell

Organizations nowadays need modern ways to solve their problems. Our goal is to offer fast, simple and easily adopted modern approaches to solve today’s business problems. We save clients time and make long, cumbersome activities easy.


Our Team


headshot of Egbert Irving
headshot of Samantha Singh
Leslie Lee Fook
Coffee Guy

Leslie is an innovative leader in the field of digital technology in the Caribbean and a future facing visionary with over 20 years of experience.

Rawati Heeraman
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Wiz

With over 15 years’ experience in information technology, Rae focuses on Business Intelligence strategies for self-service reporting and data visualization.

Egbert Irving
The C.O.W. Boy

Mr. Egbert Irving has over 20 years of experience in leadership and executive management, strategy development and execution.

Samantha Singh
Robot Army Commander

Samantha is a business process expert who is driven to maximize productivity.