8 Ways Big Data can Help Small And Medium Sized Businesses

8 Ways Big Data can Help Small And Medium Sized Businesses

A Way Forward for Small Businesses

Big data is big news these days. With big data, small businesses can now be competitive with the big guys because they have access to all of this information that was previously unavailable to them in the past.

In this blog post, you will learn about ten ways big data can help your business thrive!

The importance of big data and new technologies for small businesses

A study revealed that big data is transitioning from the domain of large companies to the realm of small and medium businesses. Data levels the playing field for small businesses and brings back days of local merchant knowing all about you, your purchase preferences, and promotions tailored to your specific needs, using data from our smartphones and mobile devices.

Technology Sector Definition

The advent of technology has enabled the advent of more seamless and affordable access to this data. The influx of big data is changing the volume, velocity, and variety of data is increasing. Big data data sets of a size or type are beyond the ability of traditional databases to capture, manage, and process the data. Banks are using big data to identify potential credit card fraud.

Retailers like Target and Walmart have used big data analytics in marketing campaigns, identifying what products they should stock based on past sales trends.

Healthcare providers can use big data for predictive modeling that identifies which patients might develop a chronic illness or need additional care at the next appointment.

Governments and municipalities could use sensors installed throughout their communities to generate real-time traffic reports as well as detect indicators of distress such as gunshots or fire alarms going off so first responders can be dispatched faster than ever before.

A company with two employees may not feel it needs all these resources but big data is great because you don’t have to hire more people just

Big Data and its relation to Data Science

Big Data is a term covering large collections of heterogeneous data (like social media) whose size is beyond the ability of traditional databases to manage. Data Science is a specialized field that combines intersecting areas of statistics, mathematics, intelligent data capture techniques such as data cleansing, mining and programming to prepare and align big data for intelligent analysis to extract insights and information.


Data may come from sensors, devices, video/audio, networks, logs files, log files, transactional applications, web and social media, with much of it generated in real time and on a very large scale.

Big Data refers to the whole range of the processes that information goes through, encompassing data gathering, data analysis, and data implementation.

1. Big Data can help small enterprises by monitoring their inventory, sales, and customer feedback

Customer feedback: how to collect and what to do with it | Blog | Hiver™

Big Data can help small and medium sized businesses by monitoring their inventory, sales, and customer feedback (through social media)

Monitoring is crucial for any small or medium business as they might need more of one product but not enough of another. This will also help the business in the sense that it’ll give them a better idea about how much stock they need on hand at all times.

Big Data helps big companies with similar strategies like Walmart by telling them when best to order certain products from distributors so they don’t run out! If your company needs this too, then think big data first!

The big data craze is real, there’s no question about it.

2. Big Data can help small and medium sized enterprises by providing data-driven insights to improve marketing campaigns 

What is Interactive Marketing: The Pros and Cons

Next time your business looking for that perfect marketing strategy or product to sell, consider big data before anything else because the possibilities are endless. You can finally find what works and tweak accordingly without guessing anymore. 

This will help small business owners who want to do it themselves get ahead in their competition and leave behind doing things old-school style just with junk mail and flyers left around town (shudder).

There’s no question big data and data analysis is the future of small business marketing and it will help them navigate through their competition with ease.

3. Big Data can help small and medium sized enterprises by helping them understand how their customers behave 

Customer Behaviour Analysis: A guide for Entrepreneurs | WordPress ERP

Think about this hypothetical scenario:

Instead of relying on throw-away surveys and guesswork to make marketing decisions, Auntie Claire is using data she scraped from her customers’ social media profiles. She had always been good at knowing what people wanted. For years, she watched as they perused the store before buying something off the shelf or in one of her gift baskets. But now with all this Big Data, it’s like she has a crystal ball that tells her even more about what they want.

Big Data analysis can help small and medium businesses by teaching them how to understand their customers better.

It also helps them make more educated decisions about marketing strategies for the future.

Big Data Analytic Tools For Market Research - eCMetrics

The big data revolution is here to stay. It’s time for small businesses to learn how they can benefit from big data with help of a few simple steps.

The first step in the process, according to Auntie Claire, is tapping into your customers’ social media profiles by scraping their posts and analyzing them for insights about what products or services they might want in the future.

Secondly, make decisions based on that analysis because big data doesn’t lie; if you’re marketing strategy isn’t working then it may be worth changing directions before it’s too late.

Lastly, have patience. Big data collection teaches you more about your customer base than ever before so you understand who each person really is when they walk through the door, so don’t get overwhelmed, patience is key.

4. Big Data can help small and medium sized enterprises with making decisions on where they should focus their energy in order to grow the company 

How to Position Your Business for Growth

Big Data analytics can provide small and medium sized businesses with valuable insight about how to flourish as a company. Big data tracks trends and benchmarks, which can help small businesses identify what to do next. This helps small companies learn about the competition that they’re up against.

With big data’s ability to provide accurate predictions for company growth or success, it has become a valuable resource for smaller business owners who want to avoid getting lost in their local industry.

Big Data provides insight into customer behavior so you understand how people are reacting with your product/service as well as when and where they might be doing it most often–which can lead to more sales opportunities!

It’s an invaluable aid for any entrepreneur looking to grow their company by leaps and bounds while understanding customers’ needs better than ever before.

5. Big data helps companies increase profitability of a business through predictive analysis that allows for better decision making 

Increase of sales – MANTAS SERVICE

Predictive analysis using big data helps increase the profitability of small and medium businesses.

It allows for better decision making and isn’t useful in helping big corporations make decisions, but also in helping entrepreneurs build successful small or medium sized companies.

6. Smaller companies are able to use big data more effectively than larger ones because they have less bureaucracy involved in decision making processes

Theories of Bureaucratic Organization | by Jasmine Lupo | Borderlines |  Medium

This is why big data driven has been so successful for smaller business models and will continue to be useful as the technology evolves. In larger businesses, with a plethora of bureaucracy in place at many levels, companies are hesitant to invest and take actionable steps towards building their workforce based on big data and the future of work.

This is because when it comes to big data in both small and large companies, there are two key points: big corporations may take longer to develop ways to use big data to help them make better decisions, but smaller businesses have been able to use big data more effectively than larger ones.

Why? Because they’re not bogged down by bureaucracy involved in decision making processes that come with being a bigger company. As such, while it’s true that “bigger companies might be able to generate more information” through the implementation of big data technology for HR purposes, smaller firms may well be better positioned today.

Less bureaucracy also allows for actionable steps to be implemented much faster and more efficiently.

7. The use of big data also helps in forecasting future costs, sales, and other important information that can help with the bottom line. 

The four most popular time series cash forecasting methods

Using data to help with sales and cost forecasting is an important aspect in small business operations.

Big data technology also helps firms overcome “the challenges of the global market” and access new markets.

In addition, big data can also be used to forecast future costs of raw materials in a given industry.

This helps the small business person plan for contingencies before they happen and better prepare themselves accordingly, which is a major advantage over big businesses that may not have as clear an understanding of what’s coming down the pipeline.

8. Small and medium businesses should use big data to grow their business faster than competitors 

Services Every Business Should Consider - Industry Today %

Using big data analytics as a small or medium business gives you the opportunity to leverage the information you have against your competitors who aren’t utilizing the data at their disposal.

Many small businesses are stuck in the old ways and refuse to use digital mediums to help grow their business. This is where you have the advantage by using big data analytics to help boost your business on all levels.


Small businesses can benefit from using Big Data analytics and Data Science by using the technology and channels it collects data. Critically, the importance of Big Data analytics doesn’t depend on the amount of collected data, but the specific insights it may bring to specific business or industry. The combination of relevant Big Data with high-powered analytics can serve the following tasks: Targeting analytics. Identifying data as a tool for the best analytics in an industry to find out what users need and use it in a specific context. Identifying relevant data is critical for the success of data companies that can provide a specific, specific insight to the customer base or customer base.


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