What Does a Data Analyst Do? Major Roles and Responsibilities of a Caribbean Data Analyst

What Does a Data Analyst Do? Major Roles and Responsibilities of a Caribbean Data Analyst

How Do You Become a Data Analyst?

A data analyst is a type of data professional that performs data analytics. Data analysts work with data in many forms, such as data warehouses, databases and spreadsheets.

The Caribbean data analyst has the responsibility to analyze this data and turn it into actionable insights for strategic decision-making purposes.

This blog post will explore major roles and responsibilities of a Caribbean data analyst.

Develop an understanding of the company’s needs

Part of the duties and responsibilities of a analyst, apart from assisting with data collection is understanding what type of data needs analysis.

This understanding will come from data warehouse, databases and spreadsheets that are already created by other data professionals in the company.

Dealing with data within the Caribbean scope is not the same as dealing with data around the world, there will be nuances with the information at the disposal of the analyst therefore he or she must develop a data analysis plan.

Conduct research on available data sources, including internal databases, public websites, and third-party vendors

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Another aspect of the job description is that the data analyst will be responsible for conducting research on sources, including internal databases and public websites.

Furthermore, the data analyst should also explore third-party data vendors when it comes to finding data that is necessary in order to complete a project or analyze company needs.

There is data everywhere so it’s up to the data analyst to define which data sources are applicable to the issues faced by their employer, this is why it’s important for analyst to weigh in on the data collection process sometimes.

Using Data Analysis to Review Patterns in Performance

The data analyst is the one responsible for using data analysis to review patterns in performance.

This means that data analysts will be able to see how events may affect the company’s performances and thus prepare strategic plans accordingly.

Data analysts are also tasked with helping other departments within their organization interpret data so they can make better decisions on a daily basis.

Employing Data Visualization to Position Caribbean Business on a Global Stage

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To employ visualization data analysts must provide an analysis measuring the company’s performance against competitors to understand how they can improve their own offerings.

For example, the information extrapolated would be used to show where customers are looking for similar products or services so marketing efforts could be streamlined in that direction.

Instances such as deducing the data from Digicel or Bmobile to see how the trend identified in those data patterns can step up against AT&T and Verizon.

What are the differences and similarities? How can data make the regional services better?

Prepare analyses using statistical software packages such as Tableau


The time saved from scouring through endless sheets in search of insights creates an opportunity to strategize at a more comprehensive level.

With the Tableau dashboard you can present findings in clear language that can be understood by non-technical stakeholders.

Tableau is one of the best data analytics tools available to Caribbean data analysts. Take for instance Rawati Heeraman Tableau’s Newest and Only Female Partner in the Caribbean!

She has been using Tableau to create ah-ha moments for years!

Information Management for a Diverse and Culturally Mixed Workforce and Customer/Clientele

Analysts must be able to manage data in a diverse and culturally mixed workforce.

Furthermore, they are responsible for managing data on behalf of the customer/clientele.

This means that strategies should always reflect back what customers want or need from companies such as banks, insurance providers or even telecoms firms like Digicel and Bmobile.

Decision making from management or from the reporting manager should be relevant to the quality of technical information received from the analyst.

Many mistakes can occur without proper high quality information management.

This is why both in the global and regional sense, analysts work closely with management and development to detail expected outcomes for the project at hand.


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