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Data Analytics Workshop 


This interactive hands on workshop is designed for non-technical professionals who see the strategic value of data. They aspire to be data driven in their approach but end up spending countless hours crunching numbers in Excel and other traditional reporting tools. This course is also for decision makers who wait on monthly reports but need real-time information to make point in time decisions.


Participants will leave this workshop with the ability to obtain deep visibility and key insights to identify trends, patterns and anomalies in their data quicker. This is not an Advanced Data Science course.


In preparation for the session you will need the following

  • Please download and install the free trial of Tableau Desktop
  • Register for a free account on Tableau Public
  • The curiosity of a five- year old
  • The ability to drag, drop and double-click


We need some info to make this event useful. Please complete these four questions 


We love feedback and we’d love to hear from you at the end of the workshop. Here’s a link to our quick two minute survey  


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!