How to Become a Data Scientist: The Ultimate Data Science FAQ Sheet

How to Become a Data Scientist: The Ultimate Data Science FAQ Sheet

Becoming a data scientist among business leaders can be one of the most exciting opportunities that you will ever pursue.

The real-world idea of being able to use your knowledge and skills to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems is enticing, but how do you get there?

This guide will take you through everything from what data scientists actually do, where they work, and even how much they make.

We’ll talk about specific skills needed for the job, different education paths if this career interests you, and any other questions or things to consider when deciding whether or not a career in data science is right for you.

Many business leaders may recognize the importance of data to their businesses but may be unsure as to how to incorporate data to achieve success.

Here’s your cheat sheet to answering your difficult data science questions and begin your journey of using data analytics to influence your business decisions.

Whether you’re among business leaders who are looking to advance your career or hire data scientists, or a university student about to begin their career, we’re sure you’ll find this list useful.

Let’s ensure that after getting through this ultimate FAQ that you make a data driven executive decision to be more open to data science.

What does a data science manager do?

A data scientist manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of a team, including assigning tasks and goals.

They are also charged with developing or implementing new projects that will help their company grow. The Data Science Manager ensures appropriate staffing levels across all resource groups (data scientists, engineers, product managers) in order to leverage data to make business decisions.

They may also be responsible for choosing the data science tools that best suits the organization to assist in making beneficial data-driven solutions.

This is achieved by turning the numbers into real world strategy that can help to grow the business or stay above the competition within an industry.

Why is data science for managers important?

Data science, in its broadest scope, is the use of data to better understand our world. It’s predictive analytics and modeling that help businesses make decisions on business strategy development or even supply chain management.

Data science for business leaders and managers can mean the difference between persistent challenges and using business intelligence to solve real-life problems, improve new and existing projects and enhance decision making to gain traction within the industry.

Data science and machine learning can also optimize the operations of the company through data analysis; through training it can transform your employees into active learners to improve the organization.

This is why data science teams which focus on data analysis are important.

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Is data science still in demand in 2021?

Regardless of the industry, data science is in demand. All business leaders, executives and even educational institutions can use data to improve their services.

Data science teams are constantly expanding to include more professionals who can turn statistics into key business insights.

Data science and analytics will only continue to grow in popularity as more companies embrace the knowledge and solutions that they can offer.

What is executive Data Science specialization?

Whilst data scientists are typically responsible for the design, development and delivery of a range of analytic solutions; Data Science Executive Specialists focus on building out projects that help to drive strategy.

They use their deep understanding of business priorities across an organization to identify where data science can have the most impact.

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What makes a good Data Science leader?

A good data science leader needs strong communication skills, as these are critical in building relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

This person will also need excellent organizational abilities because they typically manage multiple projects simultaneously across an organization.

Lastly, the Data Science Leader should be proficient at understanding statistics or have a keen interest in learning more about it so they can take advantage of all of its potential benefits!

Is data science and analytics still valuable?

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We are increasingly living in a data-driven world. Social media marketing, digital advertising, and the internet of things have led to an explosion of information which can be used for decision making.

With this new era of business intelligence emerging, many people are asking the question: is data science and analytics still valuable?

It’s true that our world will never go back to being completely without data; however, we must remember that there are more than just numbers on a screen or statistics in text format.

The most important element in any organization’s success is its people – their knowledge, skill-sets and abilities – not what gadgets they use or how much money they spend on software.

World class business leaders and executives into data science realize more than ever before that they need both real world hands-on experience and formal training if they want to complete data science projects and succeed in this rapidly expanding field.

However with all the benefits it provides for businesses today, it’s hard to imagine a world without data.

It’s now not a question of whether or not you need analytics, but when it will be used in your organization! It can help drive decisions from supply chain management to customer development.

Data analytics also helps to improve productivity by reducing waste and increasing profitability with intelligent insights on how best to allocate resources for maximum impact.

Is data science a fun job?

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Many people think that data science is a boring job. They think you’re sitting in an office all day crunching numbers behind a computer screen, and that it’s just not fun.

But the truth is, data scientists have some of the most exciting jobs out there!

Data scientists use their skills to solve tough business problems by analyzing large amounts of data.

The best part? You usually get to choose your own work hours!

What kind of degree is required to become a data scientist?

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You actually don’t need a degree!

Certifications are a great way to gain an edge because they allow you to develop skills that are hard to find in your desired industry.

They’re also a way to validate your skills, so recruiters and hiring managers know what they’re getting if they hire you.

In most online data science courses, you receive a certificate of completion at the end. They also provide ample opportunities to use data from real world business challenges.

Lots of people assume they need what many consider an executive education to become fully competent in data science and be a leader in real life decision making, this is simply not true.

Self-paced data science courses such as those provided by Incus Services through their Data Science Workshop with emphasis on the use of Tableau can help you grasp the foundations of data science and this is all done through online learning.

For further insight into how to become a data scientist without getting into debt by doing an entire degree, check out This blog post.


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World class business leaders and executives into data science realize more than ever before that they need both real world hands-on experience and formal training if they want to complete data science projects and succeed in this rapidly expanding field. Fortunately, there’s never been more opportunities for people looking to pursue certification programs online.

Collaborating with a data scientist is not the same as being one, and these certifications can help you to differentiate yourself from your peers.

Combining that hands-on experience and formal training will help you succeed in this rapidly expanding field. Even if you do not wish to become a data scientist, understanding the basics of the role can serve as a great advantage when collaborating with them.

Online courses have become very popular because it doesn’t require taking time off work or giving up other commitments like family or friends.

Certificates also offer an opportunity for someone who already has a full-time job but wants to learn some new skills on their own schedule without needing to quit his/her current position!

This means you can complete those data science projects while learning about analytics online. This is a significant career gain and a potent addition to your professional skills.


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The great thing about data science certification is that they can be gained through self-paced online courses, such as those offered by Harvard University.

In fact, as a result of COVID-19 Harvard University offered a wide range of courses online for anyone around the world, through the e-learning platform EdX.

If you are based in the Caribbean, don’t feel as though you are being left out. The aforementioned programs are available to all budding data scientists who want to dive into data analysis and data visualization.


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Many people assume that they need to attend University for 3-5 years pursuing a degree in order to become a data science.

This is simply untrue.

Many online courses and workshops offer a data science certification program which can explain applied data science without the burden of student debt and full-time classes.



Whatever stage you may be at in your data journey, Incus Services can help you.

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