Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is required to qualify for the workshop?
  • Only the willingness to learn and the ability to drag and drop with the mouse.

2. How can I get started?
3. Can I try Tableau for free?
4. How long does the workshop last?
  • It’s a 2.5 day workshop split into

5. Who is this workshop for primarily?
  • Do you use data to keep track of your organization’s processes? Do you want to use this data to make decisions? Would you like to have better visualization into your critical processes? Then this workshop is for you!

6. What outcomes can I expect coming out of the workshop?
  • Coming out of the workshop, you will be skilled with knowledge of producing richer, more relevant reports, you will be able to make data-driven as opposed to gut-feeling decisions and get to the crux of real organization issues much faster.

7. How can I be sure that I will benefit from the workshop?
  • Don’t take it from us! Check out these testimonies from our clients.

8. The facilitators of the workshop seem really passionate. What drives this?
  • We strongly believe in the techniques and technologies we promote. Our efforts to bring data literacy to the Caribbean are with the goal of effecting change in the way data is viewed, used and spoken of.

9. What is a digital credential?
  • Please, take a minute to look at this succinct video explanation.