Data Analysis and Visualization: What is it, and why this Powerful Combination is Important

Data Analysis and Visualization: What is it, and why this Powerful Combination is Important

Data Visualization Makes Your Life Easier — See for Yourself!

Data analytics and data visualization are two important data analysis tools that can help you make more informed business decisions.

Data analytics is the process of using data to uncover patterns, relationships, or trends.

Data visualization involves making data easier for humans to notice patterns using charts, graphs, maps and other visuals.

This post will discuss what is data analytics and visualization, and evaluate the differences and benefits of them to businesses.

What is the main difference between visual analytics and visualization?

What's the difference between a Concordance and a Cross Reference ? – Olive  TreeWhile they sound like the same thing, there are some key differences between the two.

Visual analytics is usually an analytical process that involves a data set and uses visualization to extract important data patterns or trends in order to answer specific business questions.

Visualization on the other hand can be defined as presenting quantitative information with graphs, charts or diagrams while highlighting significant features of the underlying data using color, size or position for enhanced understanding by humans.

Why do We Need to Visualize our data?

Visualizing our data is an important skill to have when analyzing and interpreting information, especially in the business world.

Data visualization helps people understand a situation better by presenting raw numbers in a more intuitive way that makes it easier for them to draw conclusions.

It also provides insight into trends and patterns that may not be immediately apparent from looking at the data in tables or graphs. 

For some people, data visualization is an art. Data has been around for centuries and it had always been used in one way or another. Nowadays, we are able to use our brain’s visual processing power to better understand information that is difficult for us to comprehend otherwise.

The world is becoming more and more visual. We can see this everywhere- from advertisements, to presentations, to even the news. The time has come for us to learn, how not only to create visualization but also interpret them. 

What makes it a powerful combination?

Zenbi | Weblog of Gert-Jan Schouten: Wicket + BEM: A powerful combination

Data analytics and visualization is a powerful combination because it can help us make sense of large amounts of data.

We all know that data has the potential to be overwhelming. That’s why it’s so helpful when you can see how your numbers are growing over time, what they’re trending towards, or when a pie chart illustrates where your budget is being spent and the percentage that requires adjusting. The capability to visualize your data is not only easier on the eyes but makes analyzing it less overwhelming.

This kind of information helps us make sense of our world.

This is where a data analytics software like Tableau comes in!

Making data visualization easy and wholly rewarding!

If you are having a difficult time with work-life balance, software like Tableau would help you tremendously.

Before you may have taken hours to get through reports in an Excel spreadsheet, which for some reason really may have put you on edge every time you tried to find out about your numbers.

With Tableau, you can have the opportunity to experience data visualization, where everything will make sense!


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