Critical Success Factors – RPA

Critical Success Factors – The Secret to Actually Making RPA Work 


ENGAGEMENT. That’s it.


The most pivotal factor for RPA success is engaging all of the stakeholders to secure commitment to the vision of transforming the way work is done to gain the benefits of automation. People are the heart of the change with RPA, Executives, Operational Staff, IT Support, and third-party software vendors, everyone has an important role.


  • Executive-level commitment is critical to supporting the culture shift that accompanies RPA and they are responsible for reassuring employees that they will not lose their jobs but instead have the tools to perform their work in a more optimized and meaningful manner.


  • No one knows the business processes inside out like the operational staff and their knowledge is the source for RPA transformation. Engaging the business process owners reinforces that it is ultimately theirs and the success of its automation lies with them. Staff are idea mills for generating new scope for automation and champions for adoption which will increase as they spread awareness as well as develop the RPA capability throughout the organization.


  • IT Support and 3rd Party Vendors are the right people to help with the nuts and bolts of RPA implementation given their comprehensive knowledge of the software and the infrastructure that it rests upon. They are not entirely responsible for the success of RPA but are aides to make sure the mission is accomplished and is supported in the long term.


Higher productivity and a return on investment in less than six months aren’t imaginary. Contact us to dive further into making this your reality.