Author: Leslie

What do Smart Nations, a Sustainable Future, and a United Caribbean have in common? They all need data to drive them into becoming a reality.

Since the inception of Incus Services, we’ve truly recognised the power of data to transform everything when it’s properly collected, analysed and understood. It was our honour to host an event with speakers who share the same vision as we do – using data to create a better future.

Spotlight: Incus Services at 2018 RedVUCE Conference

  The tenth Meeting of the RedVUCE forum was hosted by Inter-American Development Bank and the Ministry of Finance on 13th and 14th November, 2018.  

Red Hot RPA & AI – #UiPathForward Americas   A Partner event hosted by UiPath dedicated to highlighting RPA and its latest developments with AI.   The Keynote speech delivered by CEO Daniel Dines encouraged attendees to “Accelerate Everything” using RPA. Technology has been continuously changing the way people...