RedVUCE 2018

RedVUCE 2018

Spotlight: Incus Services at 2018 RedVUCE Conference


The tenth Meeting of the RedVUCE forum was hosted by Inter-American Development Bank and the Ministry of Finance on 13th and 14th November, 2018.


RedVUCE – The Inter-american Network of International Trade Single Windows is a regional forum established in 2011 for dialogue and cooperation by governmental, public, and private organisations. It is responsible for the design, development and administration of electronic trade single windows for countries in the Americas. The forum’s main objective is to promote the use of trade single windows to support and facilitate trade. They aim to integrate single windows and encourage electronic data exchange in the region.

This year’s conference highlighted the recent strides made in driving transformation across the region and facilitating trade.

Incus’ Director of AI, Automation, and Analytics, Leslie Lee Fook was granted the prestigious honour of speaking at RedVUCE and informed the conference of opportunities for utilising trade data from our single window, TTBizLink, to answering trade questions, specifically around Trinidad and Tobago’s position as global ammonia exporters.

Leslie also expressed that the problems that are faced in the Caribbean are not unique to any one country or the territory itself but instead presents the space for creativity and collaboration to come up with solutions that are viable globally.

His message was well received by the participants.


Director of AI, Automation & Analytics, Leslie Lee Fook, at RedVUCE Conference 2018.

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