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With insights…

We possess a group of highly qualified and experienced engineers, analysts, data scientists and combine domain experience. We also have partnerships in place with some world leading analytics vendors. So, as our client, you will be assured of top notch services from us.

We strongly believe that customers come first, always. We have numerous flexible support models for our clients, for example, offering transformational or ad hoc or regular analytics solutions as well as architecture. We are technology agnostic and can help you with any data. What that means is that we can work with our clients with their technology requirements in mind. We not only help our clients to pick the right tools or models but we go the extra mile by focusing on skill transferring as well as a capacity building so that our clients are completely sated with our services.


With our services, our customers are now able to realise improvements in areas like channel or customer management, promotion or pricing optimisation and churn reduction. Also, our customers have witnessed operational improvements. We have worked on numerous projects. Plus, we have some leading institutions and companies as our loyal clients. We are proud of this because it just shows our excellent proven track record to potential clients.

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With cybersecurity…

It is very true to say that almost every executive or C.E.O find it hard to stay abreast with the up-to-date technologies, practices as well as processes for protecting computers, programs, networks and data or information from unauthorised access or attack. As a leading data firm, we know that cyber security including physical security is very imperative in the computing world. Application security is one of the elements of the cyber security and safety. Other elements are network security, operational security and information security. Disaster recovery, as well as end-user education, also form part of the elements. The cybersecurity risks or threats keep evolving, and this has become a major challenge to many executives or C.E.Os.

Traditionally, cyber security threats were dealt with by focusing mainly on vital system components and employing control mechanisms on biggest or dangerous threats. It means that the risks that didn’t cause a lot of damage wasn’t being focused on at all. This approach cannot be used nowadays. The problem is that the cyber security threats keep evolving faster than we can address them. In fact, the risk can transform faster even before you think of an idea to deal with it.

In the current environment, an adaptive and proactive approach is of utmost importance when it comes to dealing with the cyber security threats. Real-time including regular monitoring assessments are very important when dealing with such risks. As one of the leading cyber security firms, we have incorporated such an approach to help our customers to develop analytics-driven organisations. We combine our analytics expertise, functional including up-to-date technologies to ensure our customers’ data is in safe hands.